Elias Wessel: Jump into the Time

Opening: Monday, December 19, 6.30pm
Exhibition dates: December 19 2016- February 26 2017

Elias Wessel's artistic work is rooted in painting. He uses the technical possibilities of photography to create images that possess the aesthetic quality of paintings.

The series "Sprung in die Zeit (Jump into the Time)" presents a series of aesthetically emphasized images that cannot be perceived quickly: in complex black-and-white photographs, overlays of paper and tinted foils become are composed thoroughly. The structure and texture of the photographed material plays an important role. In the process of development, orders come into being with their own rules and laws, which operate with opposites such as beginning and end, abundance and emptiness, movement and stillness, evoking a sense of time and space.

Elias Wessel (*1978) lives and works as a freelance artist in New York since 2008. He realized numerous exhibitions around the world.

With the kind support of Friedrich Hilterhaus.

Opening times:
Friday, December 23, 1-4pm
Friday, December 30, 3-6pm
Sunday, January 29, 3-6pm
Sunday, February 26, 3-6pm

Or working days by appointment: tel. 0981 205 96 80.

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