Contemporary Textile Art
An exhibition in cooperation with Gdynia City Museum and the Region of Middle Franconia

Opening: Wednesday, 24 October, 7 pm

Exhibition duration: 25 October - 25 November 2018

Organised since 1993, Baltic Mini Textile Gdynia (formerly known as the International Baltic Mini Textile Triennial in Gdynia) is the youngest of four major European reviews of textile miniatures, yet it has already managed to earn itself an important position.
At the post-competition exhibition, we are presenting almost 50 textile miniatures from Europe, Asia, North America and Australia selected from among the total of 210 that were entered for the competition. Their small size enables artists to experiment with complex, time-consuming techniques as well as making it possible for them to make use of fragile, perishable materials. The wide variety of techniques and interesting creative solutions show that the textile miniature is not only an independent art discipline, but also one that is important and full of potential.

In spring 2016, the 10th Baltic Mini Textile Gdynia exhibition was presented in the Gdynia City Museum, in autumn 2016 - in the Central Museum of Textiles in Łódź, where it was incorporated into the 15th International Triennial of Tapestry in Łódź. Now in autumn 2018, the exhibition will be open to visitors in Germany, in the region of Middle Franconia.

Opening hours:
Friday + Saturday 3pm-5pm

Curator: Dr. Anna Sliwa

Foto: Mushroom coral, Katalin B. Csernyanszky


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