Hofbräuhaus: The final pictures
A special exhibition by Ansbach

Opening: Friday, 25 January, 18.30
Exhibition: 26 January - 3 March 2013

Melli Kirchberger

Philemon Göttle / Conny Haupt / Alexander Hehn / Melli Kirchberger / Caro Langer / Valentina Maglieri / Marcus Potsch & Prof. Christian Barta

In March 2012, the demolition work began on the site of the former Ansbacher markgräflichen Hofbräuhaus. In 1666, in the so-called kitchen garden, the first stately brewery was built. The present building, which goes back to the 18th Century and had been renewed after a fire in the middle of the 19th Century, is listed on the Bavarian preserved monuments. During the construction of a shopping center EDEKA parts of the brewery buildings, and most of the internals are removed.

Christian Barta

A group of the program of multimedia and communication at Hochschule Ansbach could, in parallel with the demolition work, still retain the last state of the ensemble. These photographs are not sober documentation, but rather result from an emotional approach, which gives an idea in spatial views, detailed studies and surreal alienation mood and tell the story of the abandoned site for years.

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