Anouk De Clercq, 400Blows (2009) videostill. Courtesy Auguste Orts, Brussels

Anouk De Clercq (BE), Alexis Dworsky (DE), Arne Rautenberg (DE), Bjørn Melhus (DE), Caroline von Grone (DE), Empfangshalle (DE), Fides Becker (DE), Frank Sauer (DE), Haraldur Jónsson (IS), Helgi Þorgils Friðjóhnsson (IS), Julia Kissina (DE), Kalle & Augusta Laar (DE), Katja Eckert (DE), Lizza May David (DE), M+M (DE), Matthias Schwab (DE), Nikole Schuck (DE), Peter Riss (DE), Peter Senoner (IT), Rúrí (IS), Sigga Björg Sigurðardóttir (IS), Thomas Huber (DE), Thomas Thiede (DE), Tobias Regensburger (DE), Wolfgang Aichner (DE)

Exhibition is prolonged until October 28!

Kaspar Hauser. The speculation about his origin, the scientific interest in his development, the metaphorical dimension of his life - the confrontation with the foundling Kaspar Hauser does not stop.

On the occasion of his 200th Birthday, LOFT has invited renowned artists, to hand in ideas, concepts and works. National and international artist friends were requested, who deal in their work with issues of identity, social, philosophy or psychology, and for whom a preoccupation with Hauser hopefully was an inspiration.

The result is a diverse collection of approaches to the complex Kaspar Hauser: Whether intuitive sketch or design for an arts-in-public-space project, whether verbal or pictorial manifestation of design, whether motion picture or abstract sound - all expressions of the concrete and symbolic highlight the significance of Kaspar Hauser for our time.

The exhibition is introduced by a foreword by Eckart Böhmer (artistic director Kaspar Hauser Festival), a reading by Atischeh Hannah Braun and a performance by sound artist Kalle Laar.

HAUSER XII - Ausstellungsansicht HAUSER XII - Ausstellungsansicht HAUSER XII - Ausstellungsansicht

HAUSER xii as part of the Ansbacher Kaspar Hauser Festival 2012

Photo: Anouk De Clercq: 400 blows, 2009 (video-still)

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Hauser XII, Ausstellungseröffnung / 27.07.2012, Loft / Ansbach from Frank Sauer on Vimeo.

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