Doohyoun Kwon: Passing Time

Opening: Friday, October 9, 7 pm
Exhibition dates: October 10 to November 15, 2015

Celebrated in his homeland artist Kwon Doo Hyoun presents his cycle of emotionally charged canvases of recent years. "I want to paint pictures of poems," Kwon says of his paintings, and in fact: his artistic expressions arise from the own imagination. Whether flowers, trees, people, or landscapes, for nothing, there is a concrete counterpart, which could be referred to as a base for his paintings. His images refer directly to the remindes landscape that speaks directly to each of us. They are trying to translate specific emotional states into figurative expression.

Kwon is both rooted in the Asian pictorial tradition, as well as the confrontation with Western art history.
One can sense his confrontation with William Turner or John Constable, one discovers romantic, impressionistic and expressionistic approaches, and others seem to refer to Gerhard Richter's method of concealment. In fact Kwon is much closer to the great Chinese artists like Wang As, Li Sixun, Li Ti. For these artists between the 7th and 13th centuries, the landscape had become a place of spirituality. Never worked before nature itself, the landscape compacted to pure mental images.

Doohyoun Kwon was born in 1969 in Gangneung (Korea) geboren. Most recently, he presented his works in numerous solo exhibitions in New York, Seoul, Beijing and Berlin. Since 2012 he is a guest artist of the Leipzig Cotton Spinning Mill. On occasion of the exhibition a catalogue was published.

Special opening hours:
Sunday, 11.10., 15-18.00
Sunday, 25.10., 15-18.00
Sunday, 15.11., 15-18.00

Additional opening hours by appointment (usually on working days 9am - 4pm, T: 0981-205 96 80)

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