Lucia Dellefant: everything could be different
as part of RESPECT - Ansbach's Cultural Program on Ecology and Climate Change

Opening: Friday, 12 July, 19.30
Exhibition dates: 13 July - 25 August 2013

everything could be different, Acryl auf Leinwand, 2013

For more than a decade the artist Lucia Dellefant is focusing on topics of social and political development. Her work includes paintings, sculptures, interactive projects and installations in public spaces.

In her series ‘Political Design’ Lucia Dellefant analyzes the relationship of people to current social and political topics. With paintings such as ‘Redesigning Future’ she raises questions about the current understanding of our future.

She designs architectural models of a future world, without focusing on specific illustrations. Different perspectives question the norm and create new dimensions, which the painter links with the longing of human beings for a new world order. Her works are of colorful strength and she ties real and virtual worlds together - just as we experience different perceptions of reality in our daily lives.

Lucia Dellefant often adds an additional layer of content by using text lines. The viewers are able to connect picture and text associatively and in a cognitive way as well. They are not only viewers anymore, they are asked to interpret the work in their own way. 
During her stay at Beijing Lucia Dellefant was working on a new series called ‘imploding city‘. Beijing has been changing in a very rapid way over the last twenty years. The artist wants to exaggerate this process in her small paintings.
She took photos of huge buildings, houses, small shops on the street, hutongs and construction sites. After printing them on paper, she created new scenes and buildings by painting over some parts of the photos and combining objects which are not related to each other. The results are wired buildings in fake surroundings.

additionally in public space (An der Riviera):

Lucia Dellefant: fairdrop - face the fact and act

Opening: Thursday, 11 June, 17.00
Dauer: until Saturday, 13 June

For her project Lucia Dellefant deals with the topic of our daily use of "virtual water", i.e. the enormous amount of water which is used for the production of textiles - with often fatal consequences for the regions where the cotton is cultivated. – Everyone can pick a T-Shirt at the fairdrop-kiosk and take it for free. With the T-Shirt one carries the message that 3.000 litre of water were used to produce it, one becomes an activist while distributing the message.

The exhibition at LOFT
Opening hours and guided tours:
Saturday, 13 July, 15-18.00
Sunday, 25 August, 15-18.00
by appointment (usually on working days from 9-16.00), t:+981-205 96 80 3191).

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