Anne Berning / Jochen Twelker
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Xmas special opening: December 26, 2012
Exhibition: November 9, 2012 - January 20, 2013

Anne Berning. Prologue, oil und digitalprint on paper, 2011      Jochen Twelker. The Albers Family. watercolors on paper, 2011
Anne Berning. Prologue, oil und digitalprint       Jochen Twelker. The Albers Family. watercolors on paper, 2011
on paper, 2011

The LOFT is pleased to present the two Berlin-based artists Anne Berning and Jochen Twelker. The exhibition focuses mainly on works on paper.

The starting point for the work of Anne Berning often is the study of the history of painting, which she reflects and analyzes from a historical distance. The artist does not find the sources for her paintings in the originals, but in their reproductions as in catalogs, on postcards or in art magazines. In the transfer of the auratic work of art in the reproduced image and its translation back into painting, she examines the medial significance of painting, the shift of meaning, and also the diversity in the different artistic strategies.

Ornament and pattern are the central themes in Jochen Twelkers images. The sujets appear at first glance commonplace and decorative. Often, stripes, checks and floral motifs of clothing are placed across the image area. The human body can only be guessed at by including the drapery. Then again, the artist experimented with different fabrics to the visual disturbance - such as a look in the closet, at a rummage table or, as in recent times, in form of paintings of pedestrians and family pictures where numerous figures put their clothes on display. They also remain largely anonymous to the viewer's attention entirely to draw on the diverse, with printed patterns, lettering and designs textiles.

Berning and Twelkers imagery reflect, each in their own way, the abundance of visual information we are exposed every day. Both search for order and structure in an overloaded world of messages and meanings.

Anne Berning, born 1958 in Werl, had exhibitions i.a. at Sprengel- Museum Hannover, at CAC Malaga - Centro de Arte Contemporáneo and at Chinati Foundation Marfa, Texas.
Jochen Twelker, born 1957 in Bielefeld, presented his works i.a. at Kunstverein Ludwigsburg, at Museum Waldenbuch and at Neuen Aachener Kunstverein.

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