Betty Beier: Earth Lifting

Opening: Friday, June 3, 7.30pm
Exhibition dates: June 4 - September 23 2016

Climate change, urbanization processes, industrial use of space, the demand for raw materials and energy and the consumption of natural resources affect landscape, but also the lives of local people. Resettlement, expulsion, flight, destruction of forests and indigenous peoples are the consequences. Major projects such as dams and affect landscapes, which are also changed in an extreme way by climate change, will usually be outside our normal experience. Yet we have long impact on their progress, by our modern existence.

Betty Beier, visual artist and sculptor, is this dilemma a sign. For their study, "The clods archive" accompanied since the mid-90s landscape changing processes - in Germany, Iceland, China, Alaska and most recently in Brazil. In her research in times of change of soil is at the center. Betty Beier clods are track-locking footprints of floor surfaces on site, they then permanently fixed in acrylic or synthetic resin in the studio.

Special events:

Saturday, June 4, 9am-1pm at the Ansbach city center
Conquest - mobile application of the artist
The artist Betty Beier's Ansbacher Altstadt with your expedition Cart go. On their expedition vehicle showing a one square meter land acquisition / Earth Lifting from Kivalina (Alaska) accompanied with an extensive photo documentation. Betty Beier would point talking to the people on the difficult and life-threatening situation of the Inuit by climate change and will report on their travel experiences and their work in Kivalina.

Saturday, June 4, 9am-1pm at CAMP, Museumshof
Lecture: Earth Lifting

The landscape as a localization of "home", the soil as a substance of life. The artist talks about her international projects and which makes the loss of the landscape with people.
In context of „HeimWeh“.

Friday, September 23, 7pm
Artist talk

Special opening hours:
Friday June 10, 12am-4pm
Sunday, July 17, 4pm-7pm
Friday, September 23, 3pm-9pm
Or on workingday by appointment: Tel. 0981 205 96 80.

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